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The hamlet of Roletto where you find Villa Puller, is part of the Municipality of Vanzone con San Carlo: a collection of well-preserved houses, including some bourgeois properties from the 19th century next to the traditional Alpine refuge (baita) in stone. Rising above the house you can get a vertical view of the Pizzo San Martino.

Looking towards the west you can admire Monte Rosa, the largest massif of the Alpine range. Alpine climbing has been practised here for more than two centuries: the first ascents in fact were undertaken at the end of the 18th century. Climbers from all over the world come to Macugnaga to experience its glaciers and its peaks which have now become a legend unto themselves.

Valle Anzasca is a narrow area of overhangs and cliffs suspended above the river Anza. At the top of the valley, below the glacier, there is the community known as the Walser di Macugnaga Community, connected to its deep mountain roots as can be seen by the wooden houses and objects. The Chiesa Vecchia and the Vecchio Tiglio del Dorf constitute the ancient heart of a brave race.

The valley was also an important mining centre for almost 2,000 years. The mines of Pestarena and lower strands of Vanzone and Guia are rich in auriferous pyrite. They were exploited first by the Roman Empire, then by the medieval lords, and finally the modern mining industry, reaching a gold production which is unparalleled in Europe.