Island of San Giulio Lake Orta Flowers View from the Calderara Foundation Frescos in Villa Nigra in Miasino Panorama from Pettenasco Flowers The Tower of Ameno Small temple, Ameno Island of San Giulio on Lake Orta View from Mottarone
Lake Orta Island of San Giulio

Lake Orta

Lake Orta is a small pre-Alpine lake in eastern Piedmont; the island known as Isola di San Giulio rises from its centre, the symbol for the area and which takes its name from the saint who converted the inhabitants of the lake to Christianity. You can visit it after a short boat trip and a walk through the beautiful old hamlet of Orta.

You can swim in the waters and there are numerous other water sports to be enjoyed:, triathlon, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, water-skiing and fishing.

Omegna, the lakeside town, is almost at the most northern point, below the Massif of Mottarone, a lovely ski resort from where you can enjoy a view of the Alps, the Po Plain and the Lake Region.

The area of Ameno, the ancient hamlet which houses the Vecchio Asilo, is full of woodlands: from here to Lago Maggiore you can walk for miles without coming across paved roads or towns, going ever further into a fairy-tale landscape just a few steps away from modern life.

The town has lived through centuries and has remained almost untouched. Hamlets and villages are dotted around a moraine plateau stretching out beside Lake Orta. Ameno, Miasino and the Valle dell’Agogna are all well worth discovering even during short trips to the countryside.

If you book a guided tour, you will also discover unique places like the Sacro Monte di Orta, Villa Nigra of Miasino, the Parco Neogotico and the churches of Ameno, the Convent of Monte Mesma.

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